Blow Torch Collectors Association


Welcome to the website of the Blow Torch Collectors Association (BTCA).

The primary focus of BTCA is liquid fueled blowtorches. However members collect and study related heating devices such as plumber’s furnaces and firepots, soldering iron heaters, self-heated soldering irons and branders, and burners for pyrography and for cauterizing. The common element is that they use liquid fuels such as gasoline, kerosene or alcohol.

Blowtorch collectors are invited to join BTCA which was organized with the goal of preserving the history and knowledge of blowtorches, primarily from North America. BTCA has published THE TORCH periodical since 1995 in the USA. The Association has collected an immense amount of information about makers and models of blowtorches, blowlamps and related devices in two books, VINTAGE BLOWTORCHES and MORE VINTAGE BLOWTORCHES, with a guide to the rarity of individual models.